Headphone list

The following recommendations are sorted by price from low to high:


Sale: $ 60

Style Tag: Mare Jacobs, light and modern, with remote control


The first recommended is the cooperation between the young deputy MBEJ and the Swedish headset brand UrbanEars.Click here “Voice of the City” is a low-profile Swedish brand in the country, which reveals the iconic simplicity and modernity of Nordic design. Unlike most headphones that print the logo on both sides of the earmuffs, the URBANEARS logo is embroidered on the side of the head beam like a garment, low-key and chic.

What’s special about the joint name is this “OilSlick” – a shiny metal part, like the unique luster of gasoline floating on the water. The special visual effect makes it stand out in the low-cost entry headphones. Not to mention the aura of Mare Jacobs’s joint name, even if it is a deck of cards, there are few items that are less than four digits.

Audio Technica ATH-FT70 WGD

Sale: $88

Style Tag: local gold, Japanese style, delicate and thoughtful, two-stage folding, with remote control

Audio Technica ATH-FT70 WGD

Also positioned in the entry-portable, Japanese manufacturers of iron triangles in the details will appear more delicate than European and American brands. For example, most plastic headphones will make people feel light and cheap, but I believe that if you touch the iron triangle, you will understand that “plastic products” can also be produced so smoothly and smoothly, without feeling that it is “Cheap goods”.

For example, this pair of “dream” headphones, white earmuffs with elegant champagne color shell, must be like girls. The accessories are also a thoughtful side of the Japanese brand. This pair of headphones present a storage bag and two earphone cords. One of them is equipped with line control, which is perfectly adapted to iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.


Sale: $138

Style Tag: colorful and minimalist Nordic design DJ Fan with wire control

The URBANEARS DJ headset is the flagship series that has been upgraded after his successful Plattan. This series has made the “Nordic Design” the ultimate: two small earmuffs are like two beautiful macarons – the color of which is probably only comparable to macarons. The color ratio of the outer casing, earmuffs, head beam, and earphone cord is the same as if the whole earphone has just been removed from the paint bucket. The dazzling array of more than ten colors will inevitably drive crazy virgins and scales. The British version of “GQ” editor Andy Morris recommended “forest green”, he thinks it is better to take this fall and winter models. The cable-controlled headphone cable has a wrap-around design that brings a little retro flavor to minimalism. Tuning is very popular, and the average mobile phone is a bit of AAC. Yes, listening to ABBA is very suitable.

Tips: I recommend the one-way two-way liner of their home. Design is the chicest I have ever seen, no one.

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