Headphone list

The following recommendations are sorted by price from low to high:


Sale: $ 60

Style Tag: Mare Jacobs, light and modern, with remote control


The first recommended is the cooperation between the young deputy MBEJ and the Swedish headset brand UrbanEars.Click here “Voice of the City” is a low-profile Swedish brand in the country, which reveals the iconic simplicity and modernity of Nordic design. Unlike most headphones that print the logo on both sides of the earmuffs, the URBANEARS logo is embroidered on the side of the head beam like a garment, low-key and chic.

What’s special about the joint name is this “OilSlick” – a shiny metal part, like the unique luster of gasoline floating on the water. The special visual effect makes it stand out in the low-cost entry headphones. Not to mention the aura of Mare Jacobs’s joint name, even if it is a deck of cards, there are few items that are less than four digits.

Audio Technica ATH-FT70 WGD

Sale: $88

Style Tag: local gold, Japanese style, delicate and thoughtful, two-stage folding, with remote control

Audio Technica ATH-FT70 WGD

Also positioned in the entry-portable, Japanese manufacturers of iron triangles in the details will appear more delicate than European and American brands. For example, most plastic headphones will make people feel light and cheap, but I believe that if you touch the iron triangle, you will understand that “plastic products” can also be produced so smoothly and smoothly, without feeling that it is “Cheap goods”.

For example, this pair of “dream” headphones, white earmuffs with elegant champagne color shell, must be like girls. The accessories are also a thoughtful side of the Japanese brand. This pair of headphones present a storage bag and two earphone cords. One of them is equipped with line control, which is perfectly adapted to iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.


Sale: $138

Style Tag: colorful and minimalist Nordic design DJ Fan with wire control

The URBANEARS DJ headset is the flagship series that has been upgraded after his successful Plattan. This series has made the “Nordic Design” the ultimate: two small earmuffs are like two beautiful macarons – the color of which is probably only comparable to macarons. The color ratio of the outer casing, earmuffs, head beam, and earphone cord is the same as if the whole earphone has just been removed from the paint bucket. The dazzling array of more than ten colors will inevitably drive crazy virgins and scales. The British version of “GQ” editor Andy Morris recommended “forest green”, he thinks it is better to take this fall and winter models. The cable-controlled headphone cable has a wrap-around design that brings a little retro flavor to minimalism. Tuning is very popular, and the average mobile phone is a bit of AAC. Yes, listening to ABBA is very suitable.

Tips: I recommend the one-way two-way liner of their home. Design is the chicest I have ever seen, no one.

How to choose noise canceling headphones and Bluetooth headphones?

Nowadays, the functions of the Bluetooth headsets are more and more. Compared with wired headsets, the market competition of Bluetooth headsets is more intense. Whether the brands are mainly noise-reduction or high-quality, the purpose is to seize the market. Some people say what Bluetooth headsets say. Noise reduction, if you have this idea, buy a cable, but is it really like this? Can noise cancel headphones and Bluetooth headphones not have both?

What I want to say is that the Bluetooth headset does have noise reduction function now, and the sound quality is not worse than the wired headset. In outdoor and complex environments, Bluetooth headsets handle wind noise better and the indoor environment is simpler. In the real environment, the top noise reduction after the music is turned on, basically does not feel the background interference, you can enjoy it, and the noise reduction of the entry will only feel that the music sound is much louder, just can hear it, of course, some Noise-reducing headphones, the environmental effects of subways, airplanes and the like are not obvious, but more are actually different from person to person.

Everyone can choose different Bluetooth headsets according to their own needs. Today, I talk about four Bluetooth headsets with better performance based on my previous experience in purchasing Bluetooth headsets.

The first one: professional sports enthusiast Bluetooth headset JEET W1S

I am now using the Bluetooth headset JEET W1, the sound quality is strong and powerful, and is praised by the user as “the BMW cannon in the headset.” However, the product to be said today is the pre-sale JEET W1S. This headset is aimed at running, riding and other sports scenes. It takes 13 months to adjust the sound quality and Bluetooth performance, and comfort is even better. Great progress. Compared with JEET W1, the fast charging technology, the bio-nano antenna used to make Bluetooth performance better, the connection is more stable and sensitive, the quality of the wire is more suitable for high-intensity sports, and the waterproof level of IPX5 is provided for sports scenes. A lot of quality assurance.

In fact, the JEET brand was originally started as a sports Bluetooth headset. This new JEET W1S is back to their original heart, durable and durable, and can cope with high-strength pull, collision, and corrosion resistance. Presumably, with the launch of this product, this brand of red earphones will be hot on the whole network.

Known as NetEase, JEET is the main brand of “non-fashion and no X”. In the choice of sound quality and shape, I chose the sound quality without hesitation. The attitude of polishing the sound quality attracted a lot of ugly powder. JEET is also online. The ugly powder participated in many non-fashion activities such as the angel’s handkerchief and “Father is LOW”, which caused extensive media coverage. The response in society was enthusiastic and the sales volume increased sharply. If you buy, you are advised to look for the official store. After all, there are a lot of fakes now.

The second paragraph: Shure SE215-BT1 Bluetooth headset

Shure’s Bluetooth headset is divided into two main parts: the volume control on the left and the ellipsoid module in the middle. The ellipsoidal module is not small, it can easily put down the receiving chip, decoding and amplifying circuit, and a larger battery; on the other hand, in this position, the wire can naturally fall back without difficulty in use. However, if you run every day, it is still a bit heavy and not suitable for running.

The third paragraph: JBL × UA FLEX sports Bluetooth headset

The JBL×UA FLEX sports Bluetooth headset differs from other Bluetooth headsets in that it has a built-in LED strip that rests behind the collar. For those who like to run at night, the addition of lights has a clear warning effect on the rear of the night runner, and there are three flash modes to choose from, which are to turn on the security light, flashing and flashing faster. In order to be able to adapt to different brightness or differences in the environment, designing so much can be described as very intimate.

Fourth: B&O H5 Bluetooth Headset

B&O’s previous Bluetooth headsets performed very well, and the Bluetooth B&O H5 introduced today is icing on the list of predecessors. Appearance, with a pink color match, the oncoming is the pink color of the girl’s heart, but because it is the cloth connection line, it will affect the touch, and the wearing is relatively uncomfortable. In addition, the magnetic design is adopted, and the two earphone heads can be sucked together when not in use, which is convenient and practical.

1MORE’s 6 popular headphones

Send music lovers – pick wireless HiFi series
The 1MORE new product of the year: Wireless HiFi series is a good gift choice. Free Bluetooth plus HD sound quality, mobile high in the concert hall. If the other party is an avid music lover, it is better to pick it up.

1MORE three unit circle iron Bluetooth headset
Domestic and foreign media have received numerous reviews and 1MORE three-unit ring iron headphones with a good reputation. Bluetooth has made listening to songs freer. Supporting LDAC and AAC formats, the Android/Apple dual flagship phone can perform high-definition sound quality.
Three-unit ring Bluetooth headset main highlights: wireless Hi-Fi, single-action + double-action iron unit acoustic design, ENC environment noise reduction performance, Hi-Res LDAC lossless Bluetooth sound quality, one-button start smart voice assistant and dedicated APP music service Features.
1MORE HD Noise Reduction Ring Bluetooth Headset
A number of airlines jointly recommended. Two-stage noise reduction, one-button opening, isolated noisy external environment sounds, enhance the listening experience, and enjoy good music.
1MORE E1004BA HD noise reduction ring Bluetooth headset uses a neck-mounted design, which allows us to feel more secure. It does not have the constraints of the previous harness headset, let alone the headset will fall, we will hang the headset In the neck, as we appreciate the music, it adds to the charm of our fashion front.
Fashion Fan New Choice – 1MORE Stylish Series
Change to a stylish style, armed from the beginning to the headset! Wearing a 1MORE Stylish series of headphones, you can also hear a fashion style.
1MORE Stylish double-action in-ear headphones
4 stylish color schemes, liquid metal design, beautiful and attractive appearance has become favorite equipment for young people. “Graphene + titanium metal” coaxial double moving ring, so that the good headphones also have pure sound quality.
Stylish is good at soundproofing (even if it’s running). The characteristics of Stylish are not particularly pointed, and the tri-band performance is more balanced. This kind of tuning style is like no processing, I think the headphones are very resistant.
1MORE Stylish Double Dynamic Bluetooth Headset
Bluetooth makes listening to music freer. The same 4 small fresh color matching, comfortable to wear. 6 hours long battery life, support 3C fast charge, charge 3 minutes to use 3 hours. In the first Shenzhen gift selection event, it was also selected for its high value and good sound quality. Many fashion experts recommend it!
The 1MORE Stylish double-motion neck-mounted Bluetooth headset is positioned to “redefine fashion wear”, and the color is indeed more amazing than other headphones, making it not only a practical headset but also a plus-point fashion accessory.
Great value surprise for e-sports players -1MORE E-sports series
If the other party is an e-sports enthusiast, it is better to send him 1MORE e-sports series! I want to open a super physical plug, eat chicken, five kills!
1MORE Spearhead VRX
E-sports headset (Pro version)
1MORE esports series flagship model, 3D stereo effect, equipped with head tracking technology, as if passing through the game scene, a variety of immersive gaming experience!
The 1MORE Spearhead VRX esports headset Pro version is very satisfying, with the cyberpunk-like future mechanical wind and lightweight design of metal and dark, which is very suitable for users like gamers.
1MORE Spearhead VR Bluetooth Headset
The 1MORE Spearhead VR gaming headset is a time-scale evolutionary product that is leading the gaming headset. In appearance, it ported the headset LED lighting system with a desktop computer to the Bluetooth headset, which means you can choose your favorite cool flash mode anytime, anywhere. On the internal diaphragm, this earphone features a graphene two-element acoustic design. Mobile games can also open black and eat chicken anytime, anywhere.
1MORE gaming Bluetooth headset, cool body to bring you to the e-sports area of the Taipa, 3D stereo sound effects, enhance the mobile game experience!